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Login Session Garbage Collection Task

Removes expired login sessions and “remember me” hashes from the database
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Invalidate All Login Sessions Task

Removes all login sessions and "remember me" hashes (including yours) from the database
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Clear InterventionBackend cache

Clears caches for InterventionBackend
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Deletes all temporary test databases

Cleans up leftover databases from aborted test executions (starting with ss_tmpdb)
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i18n Textcollector Task

Traverses through files in order to collect the 'entity master tables'
stored in each module.

- locale: Sets default locale
- writer: Custom writer class (defaults to i18nTextCollector_Writer_RailsYaml)
- module: One or more modules to limit collection (comma-separated)
- merge: Merge new strings with existing ones already defined in language files (default: TRUE)
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